Friday, 18 January 2013

Shine our mercy,yosh !

Shine your mercy like the sun
And be gracious as the earth
Let your kindness come like rain which is not whom and falls upon

And let ocean deep your wisdom be
Your hearth land and spread in peace
Give yourself in love of Allah be like Rasulullah

But in your deepest heal and in your deepest breath
Follow Him in humility
Place your trust in the one, to whom creation turns
You find redemption and find peace.

Laa Ilaha Ilallah Muhammadun Rasulullah
Alaihi Salatullah Wa Alihi Wal Ahibba

Be a blazing fire of truth, be assuming full of peace
With the light of your sincerity, break the clouds of tyranny
Let your faith be like a blessed tree, give your shade to all who seek
May your root of truth indeed take your strength from Ar-Kareem

Ya Nabi Salaam Alaik Ya rasul Salam Alaik
Ya Habib Salaam Alaik Salawatullah Alaik

And all who turn to you will bring tranquillity
Contentment with Allahs degree
Give thanks for all what comes, be patient and revert
Some day you will return to Him

Hold fast to the company of the folk of certainty
Through the gates and through your love for them
May you be as one of them
He is gentle as the whispering breeze, spread solace to the world
Let your hearth and soul be narrative, give life and love Ar-Rahman

And stand before Allah like nothing else exist.
And worship Him like you are seen
Be with all creation, in all your deeds and words
Lets know you have self to deeds

Yet when you master all of this
Forget not your neediness, were it not for Allahs grace
None of this can be achieved
So be humble as the lonely earth, that all creatures walk upon
Be the slave of the most merciful, take your light from Al-Habib

So shine you mercy like the sun
Send your light across the earth
Let your kindness flow like rivers
Quenched the flows to all who come

And let mountain strong your spirit be
Let your hearth melt down of love for Him
Take the roads that leads to Him
May you be with Allah and Rasulullah

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