Thursday, 16 August 2012

we're too forgetful

::when we want to live in 'loaded' life
we forgot that LIFE is WORTH

when we're too fear for giving
we forgot that all we have now are giving from Him

when we want to be the strongest one
we forgot that in WEAKNESS,Allah give us STRONGNESS

when we're too fear about LOSENESS
we forgot that we're having PRECIOUS life !

sahabat,hidup ini terasa indah dan cukup jika kita mensyukuri segala apa yang ada
yang terindah x semestinya menjanjikan yg terbaik kan?
and hidup yang sempurna x semestinya akan menjanjikan 'happiness'.rite?

please smile if u agree.. :)

may Allah bless all of us,wasalamualaikum

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